Channel Letters

Bringing Attention to your Brand with Channel Letters!

Channel Letter signs offer a polished and quality appeal, Indoor and Outdoor. Channel letters are highly appealing displays that are very similar to 3-D Letters. The feature that makes channel letters much more appealing and attractive is that they are illuminated with LED lights.

Channel Letters
Channel Letters are made with internal light source and each letter can be custom lit with any desired color. Together with your custom shaped logo it highlights your brand identity.

When installing Channel Letters outside your place of business, it is easily visible from a long distance and makes it easy for people to navigate directly to your store. LED lights play an effective role in making your store pop during the evening night hours.

Make your Store Highly Visible
Channel Letters - Barrymore
When trying to increas store foot traffic, it is important to ensure that your store-front is decorated with the right displays. However, having your brand name outside the store is not the only thing you need to do. You need to ensure that your brand is highlighted in the finest manner, that will reach the largest number of visitors possible with little trouble.

Add a personal touch to your display!

Stylish and High Quality Channel Letters will take your business to the next level of visualization and attention. Our inventory of Channel Letters are made from quality materials that last longer and offer you best dollar value. We offer our customers the complete freedom of customizing their displays, whether it be size, color or style.